$Theta = Three Alerts! = 30.01.2021 $Tether #crypto #cryptocurrency #trading #theta

@InvestingAngles followers were given three advance alerts that $THETA was going down and were given the targets:
1st – November 21 – price $6.80
2nd – December 5 – price $4.58
3rd – January 2 – price $4.89
Today – January 30 – price $2.89
Target remains the same – as low as $0.35-0.20.

Visual Alerts:

From the Long Term Forecast on December 10:

  1. Target area for wave C of II: $1.30-0.90. Possibly as low as $0.35.
  2. Once the bottom is achieved, the coin could start wave III. However, I would not rely on this scenario at the moment as the nature of the asset cycle is not well defined yet.
  3. The candles suggest that the coin to travel southbound in the nearest future.

The forecast stands.

This one goes to our Track Record.

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