#SP500 = Operative Counts 5 = 08.02.2022 #SPX $SPY #ES_F #ElliottWave #market

#SPX operative counts remain intact. The red path is primary for now. The details were discussed in the Weekly Analysis and video.

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2 thoughts on “#SP500 = Operative Counts 5 = 08.02.2022 #SPX $SPY #ES_F #ElliottWave #market

  1. Hi Dimon, you are saying that with price action the100 crossing below 200 makes it bearish, but there is a strong chance of BTC reversing to $70k according to Elliot waves if the daily continues upward. But then there is a bearish Elliot wave projection as well. It is rather confusing. I was hoping for it to go to the 22k area.

  2. Hi, I was hoping that BTC moved towards 22k area, however, the PA is always right and I have to adapt. I think that BTC made a major turn, but it is not confirmed yet and it is not also clear what path (blue or green) it is going to take. I hope to get some clarity this week with the weekly candle.

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