#NatGas = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas #commodities #energy

A battle between bulls and bears continues on the gas field. Let’s discuss the next moves and the perspectives for the month end for Natural Gas. This Weekly overview contains:– analysis of monthly/weekly/daily candles and TA;– long term and short term Elliott Waves forecasts. This analysis is part of the Weekly Series – US Indices,Continue reading “#NatGas = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas #commodities #energy”

$TSLA = Weekly Update = 26.02.2022 #TSLA $Tesla #Tesla

#TSLA closed this week with an interesting set of daily and weekly candles and very clear perspectives for the monthly closure on February 28. Let’s have a closer look. The analysis below is part of the Weekly Series – US and global indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Currency, and Large Cap stocks – that can be viewed here.Continue reading “$TSLA = Weekly Update = 26.02.2022 #TSLA $Tesla #Tesla”

$RUT = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 #RTY_F $IWM #Smallcap #Investing #IWM

On November 27 we forecasted that “$RUT could possibly lose 20-33% of its cap in the next few months”. Last week #RUT hit 23% off the top and reversed strongly. The question is whether this move is the beginning of a long term rally or just a bearish consolidation before moving lower. Let’s have aContinue reading “$RUT = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 #RTY_F $IWM #Smallcap #Investing #IWM”

$Silver = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #silver #ElliottWave

I hope you had a chance to review an alert on silver two days ago. Will the rally of the last week be continued into the next one? Is silver bullish already? If yes, what is the target? Answers for these and other questions you can find in the analysis today. This Weekly Overview contains:–Continue reading “$Silver = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #silver #ElliottWave”

$WTI $Oil = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 #oil #energy #commodities #oilandgas

It looks like $WTI has finally formed the top and is ready for adventures. This chart above was shared a few weeks ago and it practically remains the same. Let’s have a closer look. This Weekly update contains:– overview of the TA and candles on the multiple frames; – mid-term forecast. Last weekly analysis:https://investingangles.com/2022/02/18/wti-oil-weekly-analysis-18-02-2022-oil-energy-commodities-oilandgas/ ThisContinue reading “$WTI $Oil = Weekly Analysis = 26.02.2022 #oil #energy #commodities #oilandgas”

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