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Today is the day of the quarterly closure and we can say that BTC is at crossroads. There are two major paths to take, the blue or the green. Which one is most probable? The quarterly and monthly candles can guide us this time as well, the same way they guided a year ago. It’s […]
US Indices
This SP500 overview contains the charts and covers:– SP500 – TA and Japanese Candlesticks analysis – quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily;– SP500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Russell2000 – monthly closures – evaluation and comparison;– short and mid term charts and forecasts for SP500. Members are encouraged to read the VIX Monthly Analysis before the SP500 one: The following section […]
This analysis open a series of monthly/quarterly overviews that InvestingAngles offers on a regular basis to Subscribers. The reports will be posted over the weekends and will be available here: analyses can be viewed by everyone. Subscribers are highly encouraged to read this analysis before the SP500 analysis. The latest VIX weekly analysis: This […]
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Currencies Alert
#Ruble gained 50% against $USD in just 20 days and the monthly closure could be epic bearish from the candles perspective, opening a path to much lower prices. Sixteen hours to go. This is an Elliott Waves forecast for the pair USDRUB on Feb 27 that suggested a return to 55: Post on March 28th: […]