#BITCOIN Weekly = 24.04.2022 $BTC #BTC #cryptocurrency #crypto

With the weekly closure #Bitcoin opened a path to much lower prices. If a break through the 600 DMA confirms, be prepared for a swift ride downwards. The targets were specified a few days ago.

The move would be greatly aligned with the expectations of a continued multi-month decline based on the monthly MACD cross that was reported 4 months ago.

Last time the monthly MACD cross happened in 2019 and $BTC lost 50% of its value in the following 7 months. This time 4 months already passed. Is it now time to accelerate down? Note that this time the MACD magnitude is way higher and if BTC “decides” to lose 50%, it might end up around $20k. Sounds impossible? Let’s have a look at the other signals.

Previous BITCOIN Weekly (link)

This BITCOIN overview discusses:
– candle charts and corresponding technical events for BTC;
– a classical pattern with the target;
– short and long term EW forecasts for BTC.

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