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#Ethereum closed May with very bearish candles. A move downwards is almost guaranteed. This overview contains (open access): – a discussion on the daily and weekly candles and technical events;– a long and short term forecasts. This post is part of the Monthly Analyses series that @InvestingAngles offers to the followers and subscribers. The series […]
#Bitcoin seems to follow LUNA. The monthly candles are not joking and it will be painful, very painful. Nortel #hodlers would remember. If you only followed @InvestingAngles’ BTC call in November 2021 … This analysis is part of the Monthly Series – US Indices, Crypto, Commodities, Currencies, Large Cap stocks – that can be viewed here. […]
Sorry gold bulls. Despite all your wishes, gold signals a move down. The monthly candles say so. And they will be right as they were right in August 2020 when they signaled a 20% decline. Here is the call in August 2020. I assume you remember the 9 months after: Let’s evaluate recent signals and […]
US Indices
Candles are awesome! If you followed this call on May 22nd, you would have made over 7% on SP500 by now. Today was a monthly closure and the candles for SP500 and other major US indices definitely have something to say. Let’s interpret the candlespeak. This analysis is part of the Monthly Series for US […]
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