#Nickel = Long Term Forecast = 10.05.2022 $JJN #commodities

When a Gravestone Doji of that size appears on a 15-day #Nickel chart, it is definitely for a reason and this reason is not a rally. The perspectives are indeed gloomy if we look at the chart from the perspectives of #ElliottWaves and #Candlesticks.

Possible counts/paths:

  1. Blue
    – working on wave 2 after completing a leading diagonal 1.
    Targets: 19200 – 7551
  2. Red
    – working on wave C of II after completing an ending diagonal c of B.
    Targets: 16900 – 4550
  3. Possible loss – 40-76% (31860 – base).
  4. Note that the diagonals tend to resolve towards the level of origin – 7550.

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