#NatGas = Quick Update = 19.05.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas #commodities #energy #NG

#Naturalgas is setting up for a critical move tomorrow. Let’s have a look at the candles on various frames

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A bigger picture was discussed in the weekly report:

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2 thoughts on “#NatGas = Quick Update = 19.05.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas #commodities #energy #NG

  1. Thank you for quick update. You gave sharp drop alert on natural gas few days ago. Is that still valid? Since that alert, I’m short natural gas, in the money, but not sure whether to cash out or wait for sharp drop.

  2. I never give advice on any trade. All I can say that the chances of moving lower tomorrow are better.
    A stop-loss would be a weekly closure above the previous week high.

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