#Ethereum = Doomed #2 = 11.06.2022 $ETH #ETH @crypto @markets @forbescrypto #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptocrash #Bitcoin

#Ethereum is on track. Target area: $900-390.


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3 thoughts on “#Ethereum = Doomed #2 = 11.06.2022 $ETH #ETH @crypto @markets @forbescrypto #cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptocrash #Bitcoin

  1. I start to think that market might tank with Ethereum and Bitcoin. If both falls as hard as you predict, the markets might touch that 200 moving average on the weekly. A lot more downside and possible a lot more upside in VIX.

  2. I believe all crypto should be viewed independently of market. While market will recover sooner or later, the crypto might not.
    Remember that the whole crypto market is less than 2% of overall markets. Even if all crypto go to zero like LUNA, the markets will barely notice.

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