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This chart on RUB/USD ratio was created on May 29th. For several technical reasons I swapped the ratio from USD/RUB to RUB/USD and will be tracking it for foreseeable future. If large candles are of any guide, in a year or so we should see USD/RUB return to 9 (nine) or possibly lower.

Let’s have a quick look.
At the end of this post I placed several links to my previous forecasts on USD/RUB starting in 2020 where I first mentioned about possible return to 55.


This is the semiannual candles. If this monstrous bearish Hammer resolves in a classical way, we should expect USD to trade for 9 RUB in a year or so. Note that the semiannual trend has flipped bearish. Sounds crazy? Let’s wait.

The set of USD/RUB candles on various frames is extremely bearish and all possible indicators has flipped or about to flip bearish.

If we look at the inverted ratio RUB/USD we can see extreme bullishness on all frames. The semiannual frame has recently flipped bullish and it is unlikely to change in several years if not decades. This and a few other reasons made me to change the main tracking ratio for the pair.


I designed this mid term chart below on May 29th 2022 for the first time.

There is a possibility that RUB/USD has already hit the top of the first wave, but there are also some signals that the wave could continue as charted.

After the semiannual closure I made the first attempt to forecast a long term wave.

Let’s see how it plays.

Good luck!

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