#NatGas = Micro Path 01 = 27.07.2022 = #NaturalGas #commodities #energy #NG $NG @markets @CNBC @ft @marketwatch @seekingalpha

Nailed the top. NG possible targets – $7.5-6.9

Refer to the details in the weekly analysis:

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3 thoughts on “#NatGas = Micro Path 01 = 27.07.2022 = #NaturalGas #commodities #energy #NG $NG @markets @CNBC @ft @marketwatch @seekingalpha

  1. if I’m reading this right, once this hits the box (wave 3) then it bounces to try to go to wave 4 but ultimate target is wave 5 between 6.5 and 5. Is this right understanding? Assuming it plays out this way, of course 🙂

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