$NFLX = Story of Forecasting + Long Term Forecast = 27.07.2022 #NFLX @ft @markets @seekingalpha @cnbc @marketwatch

In November 2020, when NFLX was trading about $500 I suggested that it would rally above $600 and than fall towards $300. While many agreed on the $600 target, the hypothesis of return to $300 was met with lots of skepticism.

Fast forward 12 months, November 2021. NFLX was close to $700; I called this top and forecasted a 40% fall. This is a snapshot of that post.

Fast forward February 2022: NFLX lost almost 50% off the top.

In the same post in February 2022 I forecasted a continued decline:

Fast forward July 2022: NFLX lost almost 80% off the top.

Now it’s time to forecast the next move.

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