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In the last three days silver made a strong bullish move and closed July with a bullish candle. But would it be sufficient to flip the long term? Let’s have a look from various angles.

This overview contains:
– analysis of the candles and TA on various frames;
– long and mid term forecasts.

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4 thoughts on “#Silver = MONTHLY Analysis = 30.07.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities @seekingalpha @ft @marketwatch @cboe @markets @kitconewsnow $silver

  1. Hi, when i read your Silver Update i wonder, because on the one hand you say silver is probably going more lower after setting first a short rallye up (green and blue paths) and then you say on the other hand, that there is a good chance, that we see allready the bottom.

    additionally how fits this with a gold prognose of much lower lows, if silver made the bottom…
    Thanks by the way, i think you have much more knowledge of chart reading than me…
    Greetings from Cologne Germany Hannes

  2. Hi Hannes,
    I am wondering what makes you stay so late at the screen. I hope it’s not your trade positions…

    I believe that silver is set to rally, building on the momentum from the Dragonfly doji. And then it will pull back. The length of this pullback will be very important. If it makes a new low, it could open a path to much lower prices. But if it doesn’t make a new low, there will be a chance of a good rally. We don’t know what path the metal takes, at this point it can take any and it would fit into the waves.

    Speaking of gold and silver. They are different charts and they are not correlated at all. Many analysts refer to both as “precious metals”, but one cannot forecast gold and assume that silver will be the same. Just zoom out them for 40 years and you will have an answer. Their waves are totally different.

    Hope I answered your questions.

  3. Hi Dimon…thank you for your answer! I really hope Silver will at least come back NEAR the last low, otherwise i have a problem, because i sold a lot some weeks ago…..I still hope i get another buying opportunity…ok, gold and silver are two different metals and the ratio can change also, but i would think it would be strange when gold would go for example down to 1500 or sth and Silver would rally in the same time to 30 dollar or sth…but maybe you are right and they are different charts, even if they follow themselves mostly, at least the last 3 years, where i am following both of them..but in every case: Thank you very much! Furthermore i am in home office since 3 years and my DayNight Rhythm is clearly damaged right now! 😉

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