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I think I have very bad news for the energy sector and it is about oil. I realize that this analysis will unlikely add numerous followers and subscribers – people naturally try to avoid unpleasant news. However, we call it “as is” and this is one of the advantages of our service. Our subscribers enjoyed […]
NQ failed to develop a motive structure off the June’s low, thus the correction continues and the level of complexity increases. The main focus of today’s analysis is on the monthly closures on different frames and a few possible paths. This monthly overview contains:– analysis of candles and TA perspectives;– long- and short-term forecasts and […]
It has been five months from that call on gold. The metal is approaching the September target and it’s time to discuss the next move. Today gold closed the month and registered several technical events that can help us forecast the moves for several months or even quarters with great certainty. The analysis is part […]
It’s been over 7 months since this Bitcoin call in January and the main question now is what the coin is going to do next? Reverse or continue down? Let’s evaluate the probabilities from different angles. This BITCOIN overview contains:– evaluation of technical events and candle formations on various time frames;– short and long term […]
Other Indices
The analysis opens the @InvestingAngles Monthly Series for US and global indices, Bonds & Volatility, Crypto and Commodities, Precious Metals, Currencies and some Large Cap stocks. Link here. This overview contains:– technical analysis of the events;– interpretation of the candles structures on various frames;– mid-term forecast. All major posts are shared on Telegram: Previous […]