Live Trading System @InvestingAngles = 26.09.2022 = #SP500 #SPX #SPY $SPY

I am excited to announce a new service at InvestingAngles – SimpleMoneyZone. The service will provide swing trade alerts for S&P 500 index. The new service will be free of charge for two months and every member is welcome to try it. David Lee (Twitter @SimpleMoneyZone) will host the room. David brings strong knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, and Algorithmic trading. 

The trade alerts will be based on David’s proprietary trend following system. The system is completely mechanical and operates without human intervention.

The system utilizes SPY, SPXL and SH (50% size) instruments. The alerts will be shared as blog posts and duplicated on the Telegram channel connected to InvestingAngles website.

The system successfully caught the June bottom around SPX3750 and the May bottom around SPX3900 and avoided all big declines and drawdowns. In particular, in the last two trades, the system went LONG from SPX3996 (09/07/22 market closing price) to SPX4137 (09/13/22 market opening price), followed by flipping to SHORT immediately from SPX4137 until Friday’s market closing price and stays SHORT so far. The current hold of the system is 50% position of SH bought on 09/13/22 market opening price.

The System is mechanical and does not have an opinion. In real time, we will focus on the risks and probabilities of the trade and rely on the system’s signals and will avoid any bias possibly related to personal opinions, FOMO, and other factors.
For example, in the last short you could have missed the short trade entry by having your bias towards various possible FED decisions or you may easily take profit too early simply because you see a big intraday bounce.
Another example, the previous system-based long trade was triggered after a big green day when no one wanted to go long at all.

The system provides a strong risk management and profit protection scheme using effective, automatically generated stops. David will share a detailed description of the service and the system, as well as comprehensive statistics.



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