Live Trading System @InvestingAngles = 07.10.2022 = 13:10 PST = #SP500 #SPX #SPY $SPY

System Update: hosted by David Lee (Twitter ID: SimpleMoneyZone).



System Update: system stays long. System entry SPY full position at 362.55. Stop at 357.13 for next Monday.

We made two long attempts in the last week. One long made 4.2% and the other long lost around 2.6%. No pain no gain. The reason why the system is sticking to long is I guess market is close to some important bottom at some point and I think pretty soon like a couple of weeks. So it means that system may make more long attempts around the large bottom. That is how I see it. But no overthink, just follow the system. Other information just for some additional information not relevant to the system at all.

All the live trades from September can be found in the following link:

Disclaimer: Trading stocks involves high risks and you can lose money. You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

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