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Nasdaq was moving down, as forecasted long ago, but the recent events on the shorter term frames increased the odds for a bigger rally. Would these be sufficient to break the long term bearish trend? Let’s have a look from different angles.

In this analysis, I will evaluate the candles that Nasdaq formed on multiple frames. We will discuss several major technical events that happened recently and analyze the long and short term perspectives for NQ using Elliott Waves. In addition, I will compare the NQ’s technical events with the ones in SP500, Russell and DJIA.

This post is part of the @InvestingAngles Series that covers US and major global indices; bonds and volatility, commodities and miners, currencies and crypto, and some large cap stocks.

Before we look at Nasdaq charts, for those who is still thinking to join the @InvestingAngles community for $10 a month or continue with occasional free content, I would like to share some recent long term calls and outcomes.

The big bear call on gold in March. Note the precision in the level and timing and compare with the other analysts and services that you follow.

SP500 call in September 2021:

Bitcoin call in November 2021:

The list goes on…

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