Live Trading System @InvestingAngles = 22.11.2022 = 09:00 PST = #SP500 #SPX #SPY $SPY

Live Trading System: hosted by David Lee (Twitter ID: SimpleMoneyZone).



All the live trades from September can be found in the following link:

System Update: for today only. If we close below $SPX3890 then we will have a sell signal. Otherwise, system will continue to hold long. My comments: market is having a wedge consolidation for the last few days. It seems that it just break out and retested and bounced. It can be a false breakout. This long is very hard. I don’t know if we can win or not. I am playing like a casino boss not like a gambler. Casino boss doesn’t care each game but just focus on making each action as standard as possible. Casino gamblers focus on only one game with super confidence and leverage as he thinks that he will win for sure. System doesn’t care each trade but all the trades together as a whole.

Disclaimer: Trading stocks involves high risks and you can lose money. You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

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