Live Trading System @InvestingAngles = 30.11.2022 = 13:00 PST = #SP500 #SPX #SPY $SPY

Live Trading System: hosted by David Lee (Twitter ID: SimpleMoneyZone).

System Update: Thank you everyone! It is a trend following system. The reason I hate myself is if I miss an entry then I am left behind. Nothing I can do about it now. The lesson I learn today is (1) I have a good system. (2) I am a bad driver under pressure. (3) I highly appreciate you guys. (4) In the future, you guys should consider following the system (profitable for 3 months) not following me no matter what I say. I have to hold cash for a while now. I honestly do not know when to get back in at all. Again, it is my fault. The good thing is after almost 3 months, you guys know that the system is doing a good job better than almost 90% of the Twitters. The issue is system can get some losses and it can get a couple in a row. It can get 1 month or 2 month some drawdown. But it is overall better than human. I need to accept that kind of risk and frustration next time. Last buy signal I sticked and situation is exactly the same as this one and it was a -0.5% loss. I am too sticked to the recent memory and I mess this trade up. Honestly, nothing I can do from trade point of view now. The only good thing is that you know that system is better than me and most of analysts you can find.



All the live trades from September can be found in the following link:

Disclaimer: Trading stocks involves high risks and you can lose money. You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

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