$TSLA = Weekly Analysis = 17.12.2022 = #TSLA #Tesla

Those who shorted TSLA on September 22nd following this call, would have made about 50% without leverage by now.

The most critical question today is whether TSLA would stop and reverse or continue its decline to lower lows. The candles are saying that the yearly closure will be epic. No, it will be EPIC!!! as if nobody is going to like the electric cars for many years to come.

Unless TSLA rallies about 60% in the next 2 weeks, the candle formations will be very strongly bearish. Interesting, huh?

In today’s monthly report we will focus on:
– evaluation of the candle structures on large frames and the perspective yearly closure;
– discussion on technical events and their long term impact;
– long and mid term targets.

The analysis is part of the @InvestingAngles Series that covers the US and global indices, Precious Metals and Miners, Crypto, Commodities, Currencies, and some Large Cap stocks. Follow this link here.

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