$DXY = Quick Update = 28.12.2022 #DXY #DollarIndex #USD #currency #forex #gold #silver #fintwit

The tide is turning. The dollar index has a good chance to confirm a reversal in the next few days, especially if we consider the current developments in Yields.
The precious metals investors might want to take a note.

The technicals and the long term perspectives were discussed in details in Weekly Analysis on Dec 24th:

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Previous Weekly Analysis:

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2 thoughts on “$DXY = Quick Update = 28.12.2022 #DXY #DollarIndex #USD #currency #forex #gold #silver #fintwit

  1. Hello Dimon. On what timeframe is the tide turning for DXY? (As far as I understand DXY is long term bullish and short term bearish … is the short term turning bullish or is the long term turning bearish)? And would you mind clarifying what that may mean for precious metals? Thank you!

  2. Hi Dave,
    It looks like the long term will remain bullish while short/mid stay bearish. Today is the grand closure of candles and I will discuss them in the yearly reports for DXY and PM this weekend.

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