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$BTC continues to follow this forecast posted almost 14 months ago and I am afraid candles have no good news for the crypto investors.

In the middle of 2021, there were several signals that led me to think about possible BTC return to zero and the number of such signals have grown since. This BTC vs Nortel chart was offered in July 2021 and was laughed at. While it was impossible to compare a then shiny crypto with a bankrupt Canadian telecom company, the candle structures for both of them were quite similar and this was the main focus of the study which many folks missed at that time. Here are the charts and their evolution.

In this yearly Bitcoin overview we will:
– evaluate the recent technical events and candle formations on various time frames;
– assess the closing yearly prints; and
– look at the perspective short and long term targets with Elliott Waves.

This post is part of the @InvestingAngles Series that covers the US and global major indices; volatility and bonds, commodities and miners, crypto and currencies, and some large cap stocks.

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