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US Indices
DJIA is moving towards the first target, $32000. No change in plans. Weekly Analysis – DJIA: Long term perspective was discussed here. Latest Weekly Analyses (Feb 26th): S&P500, Nasdaq, Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, US10Y, TSLA, and more: Join us on Telegram if you want to catch all important posts.
NG possibly completed wave 4 and could launch wave 5 from here. Tune up for the daily report after the closure. A bigger picture and probabilities were discussed in the latest Monthly Report: Join us on Telegram: Natural Gas – Bollinger Bands Study – Aug 30: More weekly reports:
Other Indices
This monthly update on Emerging Markets is part of the @InvestingAngles Series which covers US and Global indices; volatility and bonds, commodities and miners, crypto and currencies, and some large cap stocks. The chart above was made exactly 27 months ago. If you want to know how it transformed over this period and what is […]
This update for Australian Dollar / USD pair is part of the @InvestingAngles Series which covers US and Global Indices, Volatility and Bonds, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities, Currencies and some Large Cap stocks. Candles AUD/USD pair closed in February with a strong bearish Engulfing, opening a path to new lower lows. The forecast posted 6 months […]
Live Trade Trade Signal
Live Trading System: hosted by David Lee (Twitter ID: SimpleMoneyZone). System Update: the stop is unchanged for $SPY that is still 385.76. The system held cash for 10 trading days, went short for 2 days, and held long for 2 days. Disclaimer: Trading stocks involves high risks and you can lose money. You are responsible […]