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Gold MACD Study

Today gold registered an epic event. The metal made a quarterly MACD bearish cross. There have been only a handful of such events for the entire period of gold trade, and we now can evaluate the implications for the precious metal.


After such events in the past, gold lost on average 38% of its value.


After the events of this magnitude, gold took on average 11 quarters (3.75 year) to reach the bottom.
During the most recent decline in years 2013-2015, gold lost 34% in the following 11 quarters.


If we assume gold takes an average path, we should expect the metal at $1125 in by Q4, 2025.

Of course, the path will not be a straight line and will have its peaks and valleys.

Our service has been exceptionally accurate on gold since 2020 and we can help to guide you though these turbulent times that seem to be coming for the precious metals investors.

The detailed short and long term forecasts are shared weekly with our community. Join us. It is never late.

Good luck!

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