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NaturalGas Daily Analysis

Natural Gas is down 79% after our great call in August. The commodity reached the $2.00 psychological level (as we foresaw yesterday) and can start exploring the range between $2 and $1. It would not be a big surprise.

In today’s daily report we will evaluate candles which $NG, $BOIL and $KOLD formed, discuss technical events, talk about the short term perspective.


Natural gas closed the day with a typical bearish continuation candle. The odds of moving lower are quite high for tomorrow.

A similar message was sent by the $UNG and $BOIL candles. Respectively, $KOLD points upwards.


The current hypothesis is that Natural Gas is exploring wave 3.


Natural Gas daily odds remain bearish and the ride has better chances to continue tomorrow.

There is no strong indication on the daily or smaller frames about possible bullish reversal.

A bigger picture and perspectives were discussed in the latest weekly report on Saturday, March 25th. It can be viewed here:

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