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Admin Note: Full Launch – Subscription Changes

Dear valued subscribers and visitors,

Two and a half years ago we started our blog with the goal to share our knowledge and help investors make educated decisions based on our revolutionary methodology that closely combined technical analysis with Classical Patterns, and Japanese Candlestick and Elliott Wave theories. After a year of many successful calls, we launched a paid service which covered only S&P 500, Bitcoin, and gold analyses for a very humble remuneration. Since then, we have expanded dramatically. We added coverage for major US and global indices, currencies, and treasuries. We greatly expanded coverage for commodities which now include oil, natural gas, uranium, wheat, and more. Our library of stocks keeps growing with more successful forecasts. We introduced a Live Trade system which won over 8% on 9 swing trades since January. The list goes on.

Since the beginning of our service, we offered numerous mid and long term successful forecasts on US and other indices, oil and natural gas, gold and wheat, TSLA, MSFT, NVDA, and many other instruments. The most prominent calls can be viewed in the Track Record section of our site.

While working on expanding our service coverage and developing our brand new website, we considered the service as a pilot project and we kept the same humble $10 charge for everything. This is changing now.

We will make the following updates to our subscription options.

Starting this weekend, the Basic package will include only analytics for S&P 500 and access to our Discussion room on Discord. Every other analysis will be packaged into Add-Ons. The price of the Basic package remains the same.

To provide our customers with more value, we are introducing add-ons to the Basic package. Kindly note that subscribing to the Basic package is a prerequisite for accessing our add-ons.

The following add-ons will be available for our customers:

Strategy Pack: This pack includes Treasuries, Dollar Index, Volatility Index, Baltic Dry Index, and daily reports on Volatility Index VIX.

Stock Library Pack: This pack offers mid and long-term forecasts and setups for Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla, and more popular stocks which are available in the Stock Library menu.

Precious Metals Pack: This bundle covers analytics for Gold and Silver.

Forex Pack: This package includes analyses for Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Russian Ruble, and US Dollar Index.

Index Plus Pack: This pack offers forecasts for Nasdaq, Russell 2000, some European and Asian Indices, as well as coverage for EEM ETF.

Energy Pack: Subscribers will get analytics for Oil, Natural Gas and Uranium.

Crypto: This bundle offers analytics for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Live Trading Pack: This pack provides swing trade signals for SPY and SH.

Subscriptions to the new packs will be on the monthly basis:
Basic – $10
Live Trading – $38
Strategy – $20
Stock Library – $20
Precious Metals – $20
Forex – $15
Index Plus – $25
Crypto – $13
Energy – $25

The price of our Live Trading pack will increase to $76 starting May 15th. The package price will be grandfathered for all subscribers who subscribe before this date.

With this change, we complete our major transformation of the service and are not planning further changes.

We believe that these add-ons will help you make informed investment decisions and enhance your trading experience. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and will continue to improve our offerings to meet your needs.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support and happy trading!

Investing Angles Team

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