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$ANET – Swing + Long-Term Hold –


The set up is above. Stop will remain the same for now. If PA can get past that next pivot on the red path, the stop will be adjusted to BE (Break Even) or close to BE.

The weekly candle closed as a bullish engulfing, suggesting higher prices for this week. This doesn’t mean this week’s candle needs to be green though.

The 3-day candle closes tomorrow/Monday, and it should offer some clues for the rest of the week. Currently it is a doji, but in order to start applying bearish pressure, it would be ideal for this candle to push into and close in the lower half (or lower) of the previous candle’s body. If this occurs on Monday, it is a great indication that more bearish pressure is building for this instrument.

I will update once we have another clue.



ANET has met the criteria for a swing and long-term hold.

The 5-day candle closed today as a hanging man and confirmed the bearish harami combo – also of note is the preceding two candles are also hanging men formations; so, 3 hanging men in a row – wonder what that means?

The daily time frame appears to be potentially creating an island top formation. If this instrument gaps down and goes, then this topping formation will be complete and a short/mid-term top will be in place.

The 3-day candles close tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what this current candle morphs into. This timeframe also has the potential to create an island top, and if it were to do so, then this instrument should gap down on Thursday and not return to that gap for quite some time.


Swing targets (totaling 2) are shown in the below chart and timing is accounted for. Right now expecting targets to get hit by early/mid September for the yellow 3 at $150 and November for the yellow 5 at $140. This would complete the a wave of the (A) wave down.

Entry price is today’s close at $179.65 with a stop at $188.70. RISK = $9.05/share purchased. This gives us a reward to risk at Target 1 @ $150 R/R = 3.27 and at Target 2 @ $140 R/R = 4.38.


It is suggested to keep a small bag/Runner (assuming our stop holds), as a long-term target is $108 (white A), estimated timing is June 2024 – R/R for this Runner is 7.91+.

I also have lower targets (that could be reached by early 2026 or into 2029) that are in the $80/75 region, but waiting out this potential (B) wave up would not be a wise allocation of capital, because this (B) wave high should close the gaps that currently exist and could be created – but deploying capital in that potential (C) wave down will be the play.


Capital preservation is the most important aspect of the approach outlined above, and with that in mind, the goal is to bank profit. If price does fall out of the buy region and offers enough of a cushion to raise stops into profit, then this will occur as to protect investments to the upside.

It is highly suggested to risk no more than 1% of your trading account on this swing and long-term set-up.

RISK = $9.05/share

(Account balance x 0.01)/RISK = #Shares Purchasable


Trading involves risks, and you are responsible for your own trades and decisions. The information provided above is for entertainment purposes only and is not a recommendation to purchase anything related to this instrument or other instruments of similar composition.

Extra Tidbits

Wave fives in EW often end with a volume spike; IMO that looks like a volume spike. Bearish divergences in MACD and RSI are on the weekly timeframe and lower.

If one wanted to play puts for this initial ride down in the a wave of the (A) wave, then potentially 19 Jan with a strike of $150 could be of interest or even the 21 June with a strike of $140. Only utilize options if you know how to mange them, and as always, don’t risk more than 1% of your trading account on any position, and with options it is suggested to only risk 1/2%.

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