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Treasuries – Weekly Analysis

InvestingAngles posted this very long term forecast in the middle of December 2022 when it was clear how the year was going to end. We did not change it over 8 months, and there was no technical event which would warrant an update.


The report below is part of our Strategy Pack which provides analytics for Treasuries (#US10Y, $TLT, $IEF), US Dollar Index ($DXY), Volatility Index ($VIX), and Baltic Dry Index ($BDI). The weekly reports focus on analysis of recent technical signals and events, interpretation of candles and candle structures on various frames, and projection of targets using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci theories.

By the way, as a reminder, on June 30th on the semiannual frame, #US10Y confirmed a major technical event which last happened in July 1951, 72 years ago.

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