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BITCOIN Monthly Analysis – Grim Closure

#BTC already lost over 14% and counting after our alert on July 5th when it was $30500. Apparently, those who listened to the candlespeak did better than those who followed news channels. IMHO.

Before we discuss the monthly closure, we would like to share our track record of greatly accurate BTC forecasts.

Track Record of Bitcoin Forecasts

We posted this long term forecast in March 2021 when Bitcoin was $60k, a bachelor degree in cryptomining was among the most popular, and esquires here and there were expecting the coin to hit $150k. This is the quote from that post: “we would expect a multi-month correction, possibly as deep as $29000.”

You can just imagine the flow of messages we received. Nevertheless, fast forward 4 months, $BTC dropped to $28600 in July 2021, and we posted another chart, forecasting a primary move towards $70000-87000.

It took Bitcoin another 4 months to reach $69000, and it was likely the end of a Super Cycle.

In November 2021 we posted plenty of strong alarms and shared this chart below.

Pounding the table did not help. Nobody listened again.

Fast forward 19 months, and this is one of our perspective BTC charts.

Today we discuss the technical events and major signals, evaluate large frames from the candle perspective, and share mid and long term forecasts.

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