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Stocks Alert
BlackRock and a few other stocks closed the week and registered several events that will likely have a significant impact on the stock movements next week and beyond. CANDLES WEEKLY: If we look at the weekly closures of eight stocks which we normally track for the health of the Financial sector, we can notice one […]
Stocks Alert
MSFT closed on Friday with a very concerning candle. ___ In this analysis we will evaluate the signal and the possible outcomes, discuss the candle formations and technical events which the stock registered recently, and project the mid and long term paths using Elliott Waves. CANDLES: While MSFT closed on the weekly frame with a […]
Commodities Alert
Today oil made a strong technical statement on one of the large frames. If the momentum continues and the event is confirmed, it will provide foundation for the next research and an accurate estimate of the mid and long term targets for the commodity. Oil has been bearish since our call in June 2022 and […]
Bonds Alert
As I discussed earlier today, yield (US10Y) started to form a strong candle combo on the hourly frames. The momentum was powerful enough, and it made an impact on the daily trend. Now both #US10Y and $DXY are showing strong candle dynamics. If the events are confirmed, it will be a short or even a […]
US Indices Alert
Tomorrow will be a highly volatile day and tomorrow the US major indices will be closing their 3-day candles. No matter the intraday price movements, the closing prints will be critically important for the short/mid term direction of the trends. Below are the precise pivot levels for the futures – ES, NQ, YM and US2000 […]