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This beautiful $GDX chart was made 28! months ago when nobody, including some big gurus from well respected organizations, believed that the miner was going to revisit $30 let alone $20 in foreseeable future. However, the candles happened to be an amazingly accurate forecaster, and the image below is today’s look of the chart. ___ […]
GDX lost almost 10% and minimally hit the target set by InvestingAngles on February 6th. A much deeper fall is still in the cards. Refer to the purple path in the Yearly analysis – link below. GDX Yearly Analysis – Jan 15th: Detailed analyses for Gold, Silver, DXY and more: Weekly analyses: Follow us on […]
A few important technical events happened today. Candles After a strong Bearish Engulfing last week, today GDX confirmed a Double Top and made an 8/20 EMA cross for the first time since the beginning of November. This is likely a reversal. Possible target area – $24-27. However, there is a good chance of a much […]
In this yearly analysis, I will traditionally evaluate the candles that the miner formed on multiple frames. We will discuss technical events and analyze the long- and short-term perspectives using Elliott Waves. The analysis is part of the @InvestingAnglesSeries – US and global indices, Precious Metals and Miners, Crypto, Commodities, Currencies, Large Cap stocks. Latest […]
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Beware of a possible Island candle formation, technically similar to the one in August. Just saying… Latest $GDX Monthly Report can be viewed here: Latest Weekly Analyses: You follow @InvestingAngles – we offer the best forecasts!