#Silver = Weekly Analysis = 26.11.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities

Silver has been moving up recently and there is a chance the rally continues. But, there are a few concerns that should be discussed. In today’s analysis, I will talk about technical events and candle structures on different frames and analyze the long- and short-term perspectives and targets for the metal using Elliott Waves. ThisContinue reading “#Silver = Weekly Analysis = 26.11.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities”

#Silver = Micro Path #00 = 25.11.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities

Silver is possibly starting wave iii and is on track to much lower prices. For a bigger picture and perspectives, refer to the latest weekly analysis:https://investingangles.com/2022/11/20/silver-weekly-analysis-20-11-2022-slv-preciousmetals-xagusd-commodities/ NEW SERVICE!SimpleMoneyZone – Live Trade Signals (free for now):https://investingangles.com/live-trades/ Latest Silver Quarterly Analysis:https://investingangles.com/2022/10/02/silver-quarterly-analysis-long-term-forecast-02-10-2022-slv-preciousmetals-xagusd-commodities-silver/ Silver All Time Analysis & Long Term Forecast: https://investingangles.com/2022/02/12/gold-all-time-analysis-long-term-forecast-12-02-2022-gold-preciousmetals-gdx-gld-xauusd-gc_f-elliottwave/ You follow @InvestingAngles – we offer theContinue reading “#Silver = Micro Path #00 = 25.11.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities”

#Silver = Weekly Analysis = 15.10.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities $silver @ft @markets @thestreet @forbes

In the quarterly analysis at the beginning of October I highlighted that Silver made a rare technical event that would trigger a prolonged bear market and lead to a substantial loss of value. The events of the last week just started to confirm the hypothesis. In today’s analysis, I will evaluate the bearish candle closuresContinue reading “#Silver = Weekly Analysis = 15.10.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities $silver @ft @markets @thestreet @forbes”

#Silver = Quarterly Analysis + Long Term Forecast = 02.10.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities $silver @ft @markets @thestreet @forbes

It happened! Following my early alert in July, silver finally registered a quarterly MACD cross. Last time MACD crossed in 2013, the metal entertained the investors with a 7-year bear market and lost about 60% of its value. Just some stats. In this quarterly analysis, I will evaluate the candles that silver formed on multipleContinue reading “#Silver = Quarterly Analysis + Long Term Forecast = 02.10.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD #commodities $silver @ft @markets @thestreet @forbes”

#Silver = Weekly Analysis + Long Term Forecast = 10.09.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD @markets @ft @marketwatch #commodities $silver

Silver closed the week with some promising candles, but would it be sufficient to turn the large bearish train? Today we will explore the probabilities from different angles. This overview contains:– analysis of the candles and TA on various frames;– long and mid term forecasts. This analysis is part of the @InvestingAngles Series that coversContinue reading “#Silver = Weekly Analysis + Long Term Forecast = 10.09.2022 $SLV #preciousmetals $XAGUSD @markets @ft @marketwatch #commodities $silver”

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