#NIFTY = Weekly Update = 13.08.2022 #Nifty50 $Nifty

#NIFTY has been up over 12% since the call on July 3rd and I hope you have handsomely benefited. This overview contains:– analysis of the quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily candles and TA;– long term Elliott Waves forecast. NIFTY: Q2 Analysis on July 3rd:https://investingangles.com/2022/07/03/nifty-quarterly-analysis-03-07-2022-nifty50-nifty-markets-seekingalpha-cnbc-marketwatch/ Join us on Telegram: http://t.me/InvestingAngles This post is part of the @InvestingAngles Weekly Series thatContinue reading “#NIFTY = Weekly Update = 13.08.2022 #Nifty50 $Nifty”

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