$SPY – Target $450 in 1-2 Months – 07.07.2021 $SPX $ES_F #Investing

$SPY – two long term channels are about to cross in $450-455 area, thus the target. Timing – 1-2 months. DJI is aligned: Would like updates? Follow the blog at investingangles.wordpress.com or on Twitter #InvestingAngles.

#SPX = Long Term Forecast = 19.06.2021 #ES_F #stocks #investing #trading #stockmarket

This path was charted on Sept 28, 2020. So far, SPX followed it meticulously. According to this chart, SPX should correct to $4000-3800. Below is the same chart, with the same graphical elements, printed today. Let’s have a look at the weekly and monthly (incomplete) candles to evaluate the correction from different angles. MonthlyThere isContinue reading “#SPX = Long Term Forecast = 19.06.2021 #ES_F #stocks #investing #trading #stockmarket”

SP500: Long Term Forecast: 13.03.2021

This week SP500, other major indices and multiple stocks, that I track for the market sentiment, produced powerful weekly candle patterns that hint about bullish trend reversal. The Long Term chart above was engineered on September 28, 2020. Today I just refreshed it leaving all original graphics intact. You can compare them and answer theContinue reading “SP500: Long Term Forecast: 13.03.2021”

SP500: CANDLES SPEAK: 25.02.2021

On February 23 I completed this chart where compared the movement of SP500 futures in 2020 (left) with the current wave and found too many similarities.Based on the chart, I am viewing the wave that started in November 2020 as a diagonal. If my hypothesis is right, I would be expecting SP500 to retrace toContinue reading “SP500: CANDLES SPEAK: 25.02.2021”

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