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Beware of a possible Island candle formation, technically similar to the one in August. Just saying… Latest $GDX Monthly Report can be viewed here:https://investingangles.com/2022/11/01/gdx-monthly-analysis-01-11-2022-miners-gold-gdx-gold-preciousmetals-business-ft-markets-seekingalpha-wsjmarkets-marketwatch-cnbc/ Latest Weekly Analyses: https://investingangles.com/weekly-analyses/ You follow @InvestingAngles – we offer the best forecasts!

$GDX = Monthly Analysis = 01.11.2022 #miners #gold #GDX $gold #preciousmetals @business @ft @markets @seekingalpha @wsjmarkets @marketwatch @cnbc

This chart is two years old! Not much to add. In this monthly analysis, I will traditionally evaluate the candles that the miner formed on multiple frames. We will discuss technical events on different frames and analyze the long- and short-term perspectives using Elliott Waves. The analysis is part of the @InvestingAnglesSeries – US andContinue reading “$GDX = Monthly Analysis = 01.11.2022 #miners #gold #GDX $gold #preciousmetals @business @ft @markets @seekingalpha @wsjmarkets @marketwatch @cnbc”

$GDX = Epic Bearish Event = 12.10.2022 #miners #gold $GLD #GDX #preciousmetals $gold @business @forbes @ft @wsjmarkets @cnbc @thestreet @seekingalpha @marketwatch

Today GDX registered a very strong bearish event. The 8 and 20 EMA quarterly lines made a bearish cross. The event, together with a few other indicators, signifies a change of the very long trend from bullish to bearish. Previously, the same event happened in 2013. Following the event, GDX lost 73% of its valueContinue reading “$GDX = Epic Bearish Event = 12.10.2022 #miners #gold $GLD #GDX #preciousmetals $gold @business @forbes @ft @wsjmarkets @cnbc @thestreet @seekingalpha @marketwatch”

$GDX = Weekly Analysis = 08.10.2022 #miners #gold #GDX $gold #preciousmetals @business @ft @markets @seekingalpha @wsjmarkets @marketwatch @cnbc

What strikes me is that after this forecast two years ago, some people still not believe in the power of candles. Folks, $GDX is not going upwards anytime soon and the prices below $20 are more probable than above $40. But what candles “know”… In this weekly analysis, I will traditionally evaluate the candles thatContinue reading “$GDX = Weekly Analysis = 08.10.2022 #miners #gold #GDX $gold #preciousmetals @business @ft @markets @seekingalpha @wsjmarkets @marketwatch @cnbc”

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