GOLD: Weekly: 21.03.2021

Gold finished the week on an optimistic note. Though the final decision about confirming the trend reversal has not been made, both Daily and Weekly candlesticks are pointing towards the northbound move. Let’s explore the hypothesis from various angles. Daily Thurday’s Dark Cloud Cover was canceled today with a nice green candle. It is worthContinue reading “GOLD: Weekly: 21.03.2021”


GEOMETRY OF GOLD: MONTHLY Today I decided to dig a little deeper and in parallel with gold futures also assessed long-term candles for Silver, GDX, and GOLD. Everything points to a much longer decline, however, there is a possibility of a short-lived relief in the next 2-4 weeks. Let me explain why. GoldMonthlyGold closed itsContinue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: MONTHLY”

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