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For five days now $BTC could not break below the last green candle. The candle today is a doji and it should simplify the forecast for tomorrow. Let’s discuss the details of the possible next move.


$BTC rested for five days now and the most important is that it continued to close within the green candle’s body. Today’s candle, a doji, could be the bottom signal that requires confirmation.
If tomorrow $BTC closes:
– above $46k, the short-term bottom would be confirmed;
– below $44230, it is going down.
The candles favor the bullish scenario.

If bulls win tomorrow, I continue to maintain the near-term target of $48.5-53k.
Odds: Neutral-Bullish

In the next section I discuss the mid-term targets and their timing, alternative paths, the channel breakout, and the alert level.
There is also an interpretation of the daily closure for $ETH, $ADA, and $LTC, comparison to BTC.

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  1. Hi Investing Angles.

    Have just signed up for your subscription service but was wondering something . Seeing as I am based in the UK (utc/gmt time) and I receive you bitcoin emails at around 2am , when you mention tomorrow do you mean my today ? I am curious where you are based and what time zone you are in as this obviously has a huge bearing in time frame ?
    Thank you for your kind assistance


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  2. Hello and thank you for trusting our service. We are located in the PST time zone, 8 hours behind GMT.
    Your feedback is very important to us and we will try to use a more accommodating/neutral language in the analysis.


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