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The blog forecasts the mid- and long-term stock movements using a unique methodology that combines multiple techniques. The Japanese Candlesticks, Elliott Waves, Channels, Technical Analysis, and Classical Patterns are among them. Main focus – the directional movements and targets for Cryptocurrencies, major US indices, Metals and some other stocks from different Angles, thus the name of the blog.

We post the monthly, weekly, and some important daily analyses. Our readers are offered the simplified visuals and necessary explanations for understanding them. At times, we share some technical details, but the goal is to make the investors life simpler and not to overwhelm them with numerous signals and combinations of factors.

The blog offers a monthly $10 USD subscription to the Premium Content. The subscribers will receive the monthly and weekly analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, GDX, and gold futures, as well as some analytics on the major US indices and some popular stocks like TSLA, etc. The subscribers will have access to the monthly, weekly, medium- and long-term charts, forecasts, and educational material.
Some of the daily posts will be still available for the visitors.
There is no trial period and no refunds. Subscription can be cancelled any time by the subscriber.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and projections expressed in this blog do not constitute financial advice and are for educational purposes only.

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