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The blog offers forecasts for Cryptocurrencies, major US indices, metals and other stocks by combining the Japanese Candlesticks and Elliott Waves theories with Technical Analysis.

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#NatGas = Weekly Analysis = 28.05.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas @markets @wsjmarkets #commodities #energy #NG

Natural Gas possibly completed a Three Mountains/Tops formation that typically resolves down. A move downwards would be supported well technically. The lesson on statistics posted on May 1st stands:https://investingangles.com/2022/05/01/natgas-monthly-analysis-01-05-2022-naturalgas-natgas-commodities-energy/ This overview contains:– analysis of the weekly/daily candles and TA;– a long term Elliott Waves forecast. This analysis is part of the InvestingAngles Series – USContinue reading “#NatGas = Weekly Analysis = 28.05.2022 = #NaturalGas $NatGas @markets @wsjmarkets #commodities #energy #NG”

#BITCOIN Daily = 28.05.2022 $BTC #BTC #cryptocurrency #crypto @crypto @forbescrypto #cryptocrash

Since the call on April 8th, $BTC has lost ~40% and the chance of hitting a lower low is still high. This daily BITCOIN overview discusses:– candle charts and corresponding technical events for BTC;– a classical pattern with the target;– short and long term EW perspectives for BTC. Latest BITCOIN Monthly (link). The following sectionContinue reading “#BITCOIN Daily = 28.05.2022 $BTC #BTC #cryptocurrency #crypto @crypto @forbescrypto #cryptocrash”

$TSLA = TSLA Short??? = 28.05.2022 #TSLA @investingcom @ElonMusk @BillGates

Investing.com said Elon Musk said Bill Gates shorted $TSLA big. I want to wish Mr. Gates a lot of luck fighting candles that are enormously bullish now! Btw, those who went long on $TSLA on my call on May 25th have already made 15%: Follow @InvestingAngles – we offer the best long and mid termContinue reading “$TSLA = TSLA Short??? = 28.05.2022 #TSLA @investingcom @ElonMusk @BillGates”

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