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#BTC technical indicators are turning more bearish and the coin has good chances to continue downwards.

The forecast below was shared in November 2021, after the coin hit the top and I hope many people followed and benefited.

This Weekly BITCOIN overview contains:
– evaluation of technical events and candle formations on various time frames;
– short and long term forecasts with Elliott Waves.

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Latest (Oct 31) BITCOIN Monthly.

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#SP500 = Daily Analysis = 28.11.2022 #SPX $SPY #SPY #ES_F $SPX #investing

As forecasted 10 days ago, SP500 hit the target area and is setting for a sizeable move.

In this daily analysis, I will evaluate the candles that SP500 formed on multiple frames, compare them to the candle formations in other major US and Global indices and some Large Cap stocks. We will discuss technical events on different frames and analyze the long- and short-term perspectives for SP500 using Elliott Waves.

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#Volatility = Daily Analysis = 28.11.2022 $VIX #VIX $VIXY #markets

Today VIX returned from the oversold territory in style. But would it be enough to start a new trend? Let’s ask candles.

This overview contains:
– technical analysis of the events;
– interpretation of the candle structures on various frames;
– forecast.

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VIX Weekly:

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Live Trading System @InvestingAngles = 28.11.2022 = 12:50 PST = #SP500 #SPX #SPY $SPY

Live Trading System: hosted by David Lee (Twitter ID: SimpleMoneyZone).

System Update: no trade change today. Still holding 100% $SPY.

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#Russell2000 = Micro Path #12 = 28.11.2022 #RTY_F $IWM #Smallcap #IWM #RUT #SP500 $RTY

It looks like RTY is in wave 3. Did you follow @InvestingAngles’ calls?

Russell Weekly Analysis:

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