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Oil perfectly hits the target set on August 1st, losing 31%. Below is the chart of the original forecast. But it all started earlier, in June 2022, when we called the top and forecasted a big drop when everyone and their dog were looking for oil to the Moon. This was the original call on […]
US Indices
Russell 2000 is on the verge of completing a major classical pattern which would help us estimate the next target with high probability. Refer to a bigger picture and detailed analysis to the Weekly Report which was issued earlier today and can be viewed at this link: Russell 2000 index is getting very close […]
JNJ closed the week with several bearish events which signaled a continued decline. After our alert on February 16th, JNJ lost over 4% and is ready to increase the number. Initial alert:
After last weekly closure, Emerging Markets $EEM has a higher probability to continue the ride downwards, as we forecasted at the end of December. The latest version of the long term chart made in December 2022 remains intact. Target area: $29-20.Possible timing: end of 2023 – 2024.
Bitcoin followed the bullish monthly odds, and, as we mentioned in the monthly analysis, is exploring “…higher prices in the March-April time span”. ____ In today’s overview we will evaluate the recent technical events and candle formations on various time frames and discuss the short and long term targets projected with Elliott Waves. CANDLES: The […]