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Silver lost 19% of its value after our call on January 3rd and shows no signs of reversal yet. The call is definitely worth adding to the Track Record. The bigger picture was discussed in the latest weekly report here. BEFORE AND AFTER
Today gold registered an epic event. The metal made a quarterly MACD bearish cross. There have been only a handful of such events for the entire period of gold trade, and we now can evaluate the implications for the precious metal. IMPACT After such events in the past, gold lost on average 38% of its […]
When I try to get a holistic view of the market and try to put all pieces of the puzzle together, something is missing, something does not feel right. Let me share my thoughts on the recent developments in Yield, Dollar Index, Baltic Dry Index, S&P 500 and Dow Jones. Bonds & Yield Experts say […]
In August 2022 I called that NG had a 79% win rate to decline 52% in the following months. NG’s overdone and lost 73% for now. I hope everyone benefited. Link to the study on Aug 30th and alert:
I recently hear a lot of trolls that attack the Japanese Candles, a theory that is some 400 years old and older than NYSE. The Natural Gas charts above are just one example of the candles at work. Just one call among numerous recent calls at InvestingAngles. A big move was called 10 days ago […]