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Thanks to candles, two days ago I identified the bottom within 200 points and shared the post on Twitter. Since then, $BTC gained more than 10%. The rally continues, but… Let’s discuss the different aspects.


Today’s candle is a standard bullish continuation candle. Expect the rally to continue on Saturday. The price climbed above 200 MA and 8 EMA. The other indicators also support further advance. There bullish odds are quite high right now.

Thanks to the lower frame candles, on Aug 18 I called the bottom within minutes after its formation, at $44250:

Tomorrow $BTC is expected to continue the rally, though there is a little development to be aware of. It is addressed in the subscribers section.
Odds: Bullish

In the next section I discuss the mid-term targets and their timing, the alternative path and some concerns. There is also an interpretation of the daily closure for $ETH, $ADA, $BNB, and $LTC.

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