#Bitcoin = Done? = 05.11.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading

$BTC has three days to break the “Double Top” line. The coin has just made a 3-day bearish Engulfing (3-day chart above). If this bearish spell is not canceled by the next candle, the consequences could be dire, e.g. a return to $30k.
However, if BTC closes at a new ATH in three days, it could fly much higher.

Daily chart (below). The daily combo signals a possible advance towards $65k or even $67k in the next day or two and it would be critical how BTC behaves in the area.

The possible paths and counts were discussed yesterday and will be addressed in the weekly analysis on the weekend. The next 1-3 days will be the decision days.

Good Luck!


Previous Monthly Analysis:

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