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Those who bought $BTC at recent “dip” might very well regret it in the next few days/weeks. The chart above is the weekly one with the candle that was just formed at investing.com (they do it on Saturdays).
Remember the warning I posted a week ago about the possibility of forming Three Black Crows on weekly? Well, it happened. Now the coin has the whole set of bearish topping formations (chart on the right) – several Spinning Tops, a bearish Engulfing, a Tower Top and, now, Three (identical) Black Crows. I don’t remember seeing so many strong bearish warning signals one after another.
If you believe that Three Black Crows are bullish, you are probably right. It is bullish approximately one time out of 20.

It looks like $BTC (and the other #cryptos) are for an entertaining ride next week.

Yesterday I suggested to the subscribers an acceleration down, just a few hours before it happened. There are signs that this could have been just a warm up exercise.

Let’s talk about the charts and targets.

This daily overview contains:
– daily candle chart – analysis of candles and technical events; perspectives for the weekly;
– weekly EW chart and a long term forecast;
– detailed updated hourly EW chart with the short/mid term targets for the decline.

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