#Volatility = Daily Analysis = 03.10.2022 $VIX #VIX $VIXY #VIXY #markets @markets @ft @forbes @marketwatch @cnbc @wsjmarkets

“The weekly and daily candles suggest a decline to start next week…. Alternatively, it would mean a Market rally…”
– @InvestingAngles $VIX Quarterly Analysis, Oct 1, 2022

Let’s discuss what is next.

Today’s daily overview contains:
– technical analysis of the events;
– interpretation of the candles structures on various frames;
– mid and long term forecasts.

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2 thoughts on “#Volatility = Daily Analysis = 03.10.2022 $VIX #VIX $VIXY #VIXY #markets @markets @ft @forbes @marketwatch @cnbc @wsjmarkets

  1. Please take no offense at these comments but I am an engineer by trade and I was taught that the proper way to date a report is YEAR/MONTH/DAY. So an analytical report for today would be dated: 2022.10.04. I would imagine that most of your current and would-be clients would prefer a date format like this… although I could be wrong about that. It would also list it in chronological order in any computer file format that is used. Thank you so much for your hard work and informative analysis. — Gregg

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Gregg. No offence whatsoever.
    Yes, I would agree with you as an engineer with an engineer. We are working on redesigning and will ensure that it is taken into consideration in the new blog.

    – Dimon

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