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I charted a perspective chart for Canadian Real Estate based on data generously provided by @investingcom.

The forecast is not exciting and if you want to know the reasoning behind the chart, it is provided below in the subscribers’ section.

As RE is closely related to situation on the bond market, I highly recommend to review the long term forecast for US10Y that was posted on October 1st:

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Real Estate = Study = 19.11.2022 #bonds #yield #realestate #realestateinvesting @markets @cnbc @forexcom @ft @marketwatch @thestreet @forbes @business @investingcom

  1. Thank you for your analysis, Dimon. I don’t completely understand the metric – does this mean that a home currently valued around 300,000 could potentially drop to 80,000? Or is there another variable involved?

    Also, is the real estate market in Canada somewhat comparable to the real estate market in the USA? Or will a possible difference between the CAD and the USD play a role? Thank you again! I really appreciate your analyses!

  2. Technically, yes, 300 -> 80. It might take many years though.
    I am not quite sure about the composition of this index. It could possibly include all types of RE – homes, townhouses, condos and also commercial, that typically have different individual paths.
    There are big differences between different areas in Canada and I expect the same for US RE.
    If you can find and share a chart for a particular area or RE type, I would be happy to look at it.

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