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Dear Followers and Subscribers!

We specialize on the mid- and long-term forecasts. In the analysis we use a combined knowledge of Japanese Candlestick and Elliott Waves theories, Technical Analysis, and the Classical Patterns.

What You Get

For a monthly fee of $10 USD, the subscribers get access to Premium Content in our posts on the Monthly, Weekly, and Long Term analyses.

Indices: S&P500 (daily), Nasdaq, Russell2000, BDI, Volatility (daily)
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
Precious metals: Gold and Silver
Commodities: Natural Gas (daily), Oil (daily)
Currency: DXY
Large Cap stocks: TSLA, NVDA, AAPL, and more.

This service would be mostly beneficial for the long term investors and swing traders.

There is no free trial. The subscription can be discontinued at any time by the subscriber; no refund will be issued at the cancellation.