Global Indices – Get Ready = 30.09.2021 #UK100 #DAX30 #ASX200 #Nikkei #CAC40 #SPX #DowJones #NDX

It looks like the global indices are on track for closing September as one of the strongest bearish harbingers from candles perspective.

The Australian, German, French, DJIA, SPX, NDX seem to paint Bearish Engulfing.

Nikkei and FTSE have not formed a very bearish monthly combo yet, but their weekly do not look healthy at this point.

September 30 is also happened to be the end of quarter.

The quarterly candles are not very optimistic either. Just have a look at DJIA, CAC and ASX and compare them to the Bitcoin’s monthly candle in April, it might tell a good story.

Perhaps by the end of October, everything that happened in September would look very bullish.

I still hope everything will end on a positive note.

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